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Its is not just about how much a personal trainer costs!

(Would You Trust A Skinny Chef?)

By Michael Clemmet

The clue is in the title “personal” it must be someone you gel with and ultimately form a relationship with.  Would you go for a drink with this person?  Are they the kind of person you would socialise with outside of the business relationship?

When you find the right one, you will know and based on that you are more likely to get the results you are looking for. 

The good news is that you have decided to make the first steps into become fitter and healthier and therefore likely to be on planet Earth longer.  A lot of people start the week with good intentions but by Thursday or Friday they have fallen off the wagon.  Putting the trainers on and sliding into the lycra just does not feel like it did on Monday.

A personal trainer will keep you honest and by that, I mean accountable. They will make sure you turn up when you are supposed to and do the workouts.  A good personal trainer will also prevent you from becoming injured, which if longevity is the game this is important.  Hiring a personal trainer is an investment and you need to make sure you are not just throwing money away on a bad personal trainer.

Therefore, you need to do your homework!

Do a little research and speak to family and friends of course but look further.  Your trainer needs to be a good fit for you and your personality type, wants and needs.

Okay so here we get to the meat of how to choose your personal trainer.

What Are Their Professional Qualifications?

What are they qualified to coach you in?  In the UK there is a REP’S register, and this stands for Register of Exercise Professionals.  Is your trainer a member?  They should be if they are serious.  Also look for other credentials like speciality credentials like Kettlebell, CrossFit, Power Lifting, Yoga & Pilates certifications.  Personal trainer certification is a real thing and they cannot get insurance without it. You must make sure they are qualified and not a friend of a friend who once went to the gym in 1994 for six months.

How Much Experience Do They Have?

Yes, it is especially important and ideally everyone has to start somewhere, and trainers are no different.  You will find new personal trainers who are just starting out and need to build a client base.  Nothing wrong with that, but is that right for you and does it give you confidence?  Equally there are trainers who have a lot of experience and very professionally qualified and they will charge accordingly.  Like most things in life, you get what you pay for!  Have they worked with people like you in the past and if so can they offer any type of reference?

Personality Types

We all have them, some good and some not.

Do you want a trainer who is like an army drill instructor who will shout and scream at you?  Someone to tell you that you are nothing and worthless.  Well, if that is your kind of thing then good luck and I am not here to judge.  However, most people would like to feel motivated and supported and be told they are making progress.  If you are not a type “A” personality, then do not hire a personal trainer who is like that. 

Training Philosophy


Every personal trainer is different, and some believe that their way to train is the only way and you will have to fit into it.  Some believe that lifting heavy is the only way to train, not good if you have a history of injuries.  Others believe you must do cardio until your eyes bleed, and you wear holes in the ground.  Programmes are critical, if you get the wrong one you will not enjoy the experience.

What is Their Speciality

If you are looking to get fit for the military then you need to hire some like Josh Bryant or if you are looking for sports performance you might consider Joe DeFranco .  If you are wanting to get better at yoga, then hire Yoga Instructor.  You must go to the person who is the specialist in their field.  Look at them and look at their physique, do they look like they work out?  If they do not, then leave. 

Would you trust a skinny chef?

How Much?

Well, this is like most things in life you will get exactly what you pay for and not much more.  Buy cheap and you buy twice.  Same thing apples to hiring a personal trainer.  If you have been wondering “how much a personal trainer costs?” You may want to consider looking at it as an investment.  Because in truth that is what it is.  You are investing in your health.  It is not a true cost if you view it this way.  If you wanted a degree in astro physics, would you get that for free? No, but you would see it as investing in your future, same thing!

Can They Fit You In?

You need to find a personal trainer that has time for you and fits your schedule.  Do not hire someone who you have to work around as it will become an excuse later down the road.  Are you comfortable booking months into the future, what if your schedule changes?  Can you make up for missed sessions if the occasion arises also known as life.

Location to You!

If you must travel miles to get to your personal trainer then that again could become an issue.  Think about it you get in from work and you are tired.  Your behind hits the sofa and suddenly the 30-minute drive to your personal trainer just got less appealing.  Try to work with someone close by or easy to get too. You might prefer to work with an online coach if you have equipment at home, jackpot no travelling or sharing equipment with selfie heroes!

Are You Making Progress?

You need to be aware of how you are doing and it is your personal trainers’ job to show you.  They need to be making sure you are hitting PR’s and making your gains!  A personal trainer will be keeping track of your goals and progress towards them.  This will help keep you motivated and going back for more.

Please keep in mind this is just my take on the subject and you might have different priorities.  However if you share my views then please use the above as a guide to helping you select the best personal trainer for you!

If you have enjoyed this post then please check out some of my others and let me know your comments too.

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