How To Make Money Online

Earn money online!  Isn’t that a lot of people’s dream?

Lots of us have been looking for ways to make money over the past 12 months and before in some cases.

I think about ways to make money from home as a form of never returning to an office or teaching in a classroom ever again.

The goal for a lot of people is to come up with passive income ideas that will allow them to live the life and travel the world. 

This sounds fantastic to me too but how to do it?

Easy ways to make money are often in my experience paved with disappointment.

Well, I have been looking around and there seems to be a few options for people to get paid, but I am not sure this will make money fast in a lot of cases.

Below I have listed the ideas that I have been tempted by but ultimately have not yet ventured into apart from the blog of course.

  • Day Trading – this is, in my experience a real dangerous way to spend your day.  Basically, you are betting on the stock markets of the world using apps like Etoro as your platform.  Professionals spend years learning how to do this and still get it wrong.  I read that there is an 80% failure rate to this practice.  Great for those with deep pockets.
  • Online surveys – Basically sitting all day completing questionnaires from mostly large companies about your consumer habits.  Fine if you like to share this information but do not expect to be making real money online.  It pays peanuts per survey so you will have to complete a lot of forms.  Online Surveys
  • Website and App reviews – Now if you know what you are talking about and can tell one good website from another then fine this might be for you.  If you spend a lot of time using apps and you can communicate effectively to developers how user friendly something is.  Try  User Testing they will pay into your PayPal account; each survey can take around 30 minutes and typically you will earn in the region of £6 – £7.
  • Become a Delivery Driver – Yes, I know it sounds a little contradictory but technically the orders are placed online.  Lots of people have been switching to this line of work.  Uber eats, Domino’s and Deliveroo and the like have delivery bicycles, cars and motorcycles flying around all the UK’s major cities.  Pay rates are typically between £14 to £17 per hour.
  • Recycle Your Old Mobile Phone’s – There is gold in them hills, literally and that is why companies want to buy your old mobile phone.  Lots of phones have precious metals in their circuitry so if you have a large quantity of phones, you have a few quid.  They are also sold to help people in third world countries to keep in touch.  So, you are doing a good thing too!
  • Pick Up a Part Time Job – Lots of us have done this over the recent year, although the pickings have been slim.  Many have found making money working for Amazon or DPD as a driver.  Some have found ways to make money at Tesco, Asda & Sainsburys.  Every little helps as the advert goes.
  • Buy & Sell Domain Names – You never know you might just buy the domain name that someone will pay you big bucks for.  There are a lot of companies who sell domain names like GoDaddy, 1 and 1 and 1-2-3 Reg.  Picking the next big tech company name and making them pay you the money might be for you.
  • Sell All Your Old Video Games – Just because you have completed all the levels and are bored now does not mean someone else cannot enjoy a game.  Retro games can fetch good money and like most things in this world the scarcer something becomes the more people are willing to pay for it.
  • Buy Wine – Yes buy wine but do not drink it.  Leave it in the bonded warehouse for a few years to appreciate, hopefully.  There are many companies who offer this type of service and some will guide you through what to buy and how much you should be spending.  Build up a nice portfolio of classics and you could have enough to retire on. Wine Dealer
  • Become a Professional Prepper – Yes, it is a thing.  Just search on YouTube and you will find a great selection of channels telling you how to prepare for the end of the world or the next global pandemic.  Building up a following will allow you to sell products on your channel and earn money in from YouTube.
  • Start a Blog – It is not a quick way to make money but over time it is possible to build up enough of an audience to be attractive to sponsorship.  Affiliate links to companies will give you a kick back and while rates vary from £10 per thousand page views up over some people do make money online with their blog.
  • Sell Your Skills Online – As we have seen throughout the pandemic a lot of companies have had to pivot and get more create full.  Zoom has been the go-to software of choice for most and no doubt the shareholders of that company are laughing.  However, if you are personal trainer, you could follow Joe Wicks lead and help get the nation fit one client at a time.  If you are teacher, you could take to online tutoring of students.  Even chefs could take classes online demonstrating how to make a cake or dish.
  • Dog Walking Services – This will likely boom in the coming months as more people start to return to their place of work.  The dogs that were purchased during lockdown when everyone had huge amounts of time on their hands will soon be relegated.  Sadly, some will end up being sold or dropped off a dog shelter.  But the good people of this world will need a dog walker to look after their treasured possession.
  • eBay – Sell what you have lying around in the house that you no longer need.  Clothes that are too small for you now because lockdown has made us all eat way more than we should.  Garages are often filled with items that we classify as “it will come in handy” so get rid and put some cash in your bank.

While the above list may give you food for thought on a way to make money online it is not definitive list, it is just the things I have investigated over recent years and thought I would share.  There are many ways to make any online and the digital world is not about the get smaller any time soon.  Easy ways to make money often become ways to make you feel depressed.  Get rich quick schemes are all over and with many desperate people around they seem to increase often.

Look for a way you can make money online with skills that you already have.  You do not need to reinvent the wheel.  Look how many people have a YouTube channel, they cannot all be selling something unique.

Best Ways to Make Money

Do something that you enjoy and know something about.  You will be surprised at how many transferable skills you have that will allow you make money online.  There are many people who have taken the plunge into just trying something new and have discovered a new career that allows them to make money from home.

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