How To Lose Weight Fast – But Don’t!

How to lose weight fast should not be your first question to yourself. Perhaps the first question you should be asking yourself is how can I lose weight and keep it off while still living a healthy lifestyle. Speaking from my experience of gaining weight very easily and panicking to get the weight off I have tried just about most methods of rapid fat weight loss.

For anybody wanting to lose weight fast there are a number of considerations that you should think about first before committing to something that might impair your health in the long term. When you lose weight fast and I know this from experience you will also loose a percentage of your bodies muscle mass. So for anybody who is a weightlifter or bodybuilder or for anybody who wants to retain their lean muscle mass rapid fat loss will deplete your hard earned gains .

The Starvation Weight Loss Plan

I have been there and done this one and let me tell you that it brings nothing but misery and frustration to yourself and your friends and family.

Hangry is definitely a thing !

Thinking that if you stop eating the restrict food intake altogether you will probably lose weight is a concept that lots of people consider after all isn’t it the food that you eat in the first place that makes you gain the weight? When it was the food that you ate to begin with and also the bad choice of food that you made in the first place that helped you to gain the weight.

How sustainable over the longer term is starvation in an attempt to achieve rapid weight loss? The answer is quite simple not very! Many people end up developing eating disorders and negatively impact their bodies hormonal system and metabolism. This can lead to problems further down the line something that you don’t want to do. I know when I tried this I could only manage about 12 to 14 hours without food and then I just ended up eating more than I should have. In my experience there is no upside to this method and there are serious consequences so please avoid it.

Keto For Weight Loss

I first came across this on a YouTube video and thought it was going to be the silver bullet I was hoping for however I was wrong. I decided that it was great to be able to eat fatty cuts of meat, eggs, cheese, dairy and putting butter in my coffee. It’s sounded great to me to be able to do these things and lose weight at the same time but what I didn’t factor in was my dirty calorie intake while on the keto. Yes it’s actually a thing you have to monitor your calories. What I didn’t know is that one gram of fat is the equivalent to 9 calories whereas one gram of carbs or protein is the equivalent to 4 calories. So you can see how I managed to eat way more calories everyday when I should have done and I actually ended up gaining weight .

Low Carb For Fat Loss

So let me start by saying I like to lift weights. What I found by cutting my carbohydrates from my diet was that I had very little energy when it came to my training sessions. On the days where I trained I had real low levels of energy and going out for a run it was absolute torture. Well because I had reduced my carbohydrate intake to less than 50 grams per day my bodies storage of glycogen had been depleted.

So basically what I learned after all of this was that I had no energy because I had no glycogen in my body to fuel my workout.

The thing for me at the time was that I was trying to improve my bench press and dead lift personal records . What I realised very quickly was that without enough energy to be able to train there is no way on this earth I was ever going to reach the target I had set for myself. The other thing about low carb diets in my experience is that like most things like the starvation process or ketogenic it’s very hard to stick to these types diets.

Intermittent Fasting

I was less enthusiastic about trying this method and again I’d read up on the Internet watched some YouTube videos and felt informed. The gurus of intermittent fasting suggest going on a 24 or 48 hour fast to get things going. So I did this and existed for 48 hours on water alone. I have to say it was incredibly miserable and I did not enjoy it one bit.

Just the thought or even a passing glimpse of somebody eating had such a strong pull on my desire to steal the food from them told me that this was not for me. So I looked at other alternatives and went back and did some more research. I read how Hugh Jackman had got in shape for Wolverine and that his intermittent fasting was one of his tools in his arsenal to reach the condition he did. I also learned how special forces soldiers use this method as well to help them maintain their weight and benefit them when they’re out fighting wars. So it sounded great this is my kind of thing and I was back on the waggon.

I decided to try the 16/8 approach this meant no food for 16 hours and then I had an 8 hour window for which I could in my mind eat as much as I wanted. No food until lunchtime before needing to eat. I did this with some success but basically all I was doing was cutting my calories down by not having breakfast. When lunchtime came round I was always very hungry and in my head that encouraged me to eat more than I probably would have during lunch. I later looked into it in more detail and found that during the eight hour eating window as it’s called you have to restrict your calorie count that you would normally have for a 24 hour period. So for example if you want to eat 2000 calories per day you could have your 2000 calories between 12:00 o’clock lunchtime and 8:00 PM.

What I fast worked out was start if I manage my calories across the deer for example from 8:00 o’clock in the morning until 8:00 PM at night and had the same 2000 calories I was happier in myself. However more importantly the people around me were happier because I wasn’t in a bad mood from feeling hungry all morning eating a heavy lunch and then regretting it afterwards.

Weight Loss Gurus

There are as I have found out lots of people on the Internet selling magic pills silver bullets and promises to people who want to lose weight fast. I think it’s human nature to want to take the shortcut to losing weight. Gurus become more attractive to people when let our guard down . We look to these people with 5% body fat six and eight pack abs living great lives and we want that for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with having a goal and aiming for it. I wanted to change my life for the better and that was weight loss.

However you have to find what is sustainable to you and what you can live with day in and day out. From my experience weight loss pills fat burners reduced calorie diets to the point of 500 calories per day do not work. There’s a whole industry as I have found out there that wants to show you the latest solution to your rapid weight loss . A lot of people including myself from time to time have been taken in by miracle cures false promises and promises of the Holy Grail just give me your bank details .

I think that we can all achieve the weight loss we’re looking for with a little help from people who know what they’re talking about. What works for one person may not work for everyone else. This is something I have learned and I would encourage you to do the same. Try not to think that you can achieve your goal of rapid weight loss in the first month because you just can’t.

Weight Loss & Athletes

Mixed martial arts athletes boxers and wrestlers all managed to lose weight very quickly for their sports. However when you see an athlete standing on the scales at a weigh in or a bodybuilder in a competition they are probably at their least healthiest. Many times athletes have dehydrated their bodies so much that they fall into bad health and perform very badly in the competition. Likewise whenever you see somebody on the front cover of men’s health or Women’s Health or an actor or actress with their clothes off in a movie, they only look like this for a brief period. For example when Daniel Craig films James Bond movies the scenes where he has no shirt on are always filmed first. Why do you think that is? It is because he has trained incredibly hard and dieted down and depleted his water intake so much to make his physique and his muscles stand out. He cannot sustain it for the three to six months it takes to make a movie.

Be honest with yourself as I was and realise that if you are just an average person like me you may not have the funds to be able to hire a professional dietitian or personal trainer. That’s what athletes have and movie stars have because they’ve got the money to be able to pay for these things. These people typically don’t have the kind of lifestyles that most of us have where we go to work, family life and we do things on the weekend. Therefore I would suggest that anybody looking art some actor actress or weight loss guru just to think twice about what these people are trying to sell. There’s nothing wrong with having the goal to someday look like these people but it has to be tempered with a large amount of reality and the realisation of your means and will power and commitment to the process .

The Weight Loss Rebound

Whenever I have last weight quickly I always seem to gather it back just as quickly. So if I could lose 1 stone in three weeks I always put that stone back on in two weeks. What I learned from investigating this was that we all have is a body set weight and whenever we starve ourselves our body fights to get back to that body set weight. Because you’re starving yourself your body craves food even more which plays havoc with your will power and leads to raiding the fridge and cupboards and eating the things that you shouldn’t eat. Just look at athletes who are out of season or bodybuilders or models who are either on holiday or have gaps in jobs they are working on, they never look the same as the last time you saw them on a set on a cover of a magazine or in a movie.

So through gaining weight and losing weight I decided to give myself enough time too lose the weight sensibly in a way that was sustainable and also manageable. What worked for me was not excluding macronutrient groups like carbohydrates or fats but instead having a balanced approach to my diet. I worked out what my calorie intake should be everyday for my daily activity level and set my calorie intake at but point. I also gave myself a 12 month window.  I knew that if I tried to lose all my weight in the first two or three months it wasn’t going to happen and I would end up putting most of it back on.

So the simple thing is and this is what I’ve realised from trial and error is that calories matter. I started to walk our dog everyday for an hour in the morning and most evenings for another 20 minutes. I also kept up my weight training regime. I did weigh myself every single day this is something I continue to do even now. I have a belief that what gets measured gets done. For me weighing myself once a week is just not enough. How could I make changes to my diet if I had waited a week to see what the scale was going to say. If I can see a trend over two or three days I can make changes to my calorie intake or exercise level or activity level within two or three days. If I waited a week I have wasted time. Wasting time and no result leads to frustration and falling off the waggon. The fridge and the cupboards and the chocolate always seem more attractive when you’re in a bad mood.

How I lost 45lbs

From May 2020 to February of 2021 I lost 45lbs. I have managed to keep that weight off. Weight loss doesn’t need to be complicated it just needs to be sustainable. Rapid weight loss is for get rich quick people who want everything yesterday and are not prepared in my opinion to put in the hard work in. I still manage my weight everyday by the control of my calories and my activity level. I still walk my dog, Milo everyday not only does it give me the exercise that I need first thing in the morning it help me to clear my head and think about what I’m going to do with my day. So it’s a bit of a win win really.

My Top Tips for Weight Loss

  1. Think long term.
  2. What would you like to like in six months or 12 months time, not next week.
  3. You are not the first person to lose weight find inspiration in others and look at what they did.
  4. Be wary of false gods pick and choose carefully the people you get inspiration from.
  5. Never listen to snake oil salesman.
  6. Be accountable take photographs of yourself and admire the progress you are making.
  7. You will fall off the waggon just stop, pause, look around take a deep breath and get back on.
  8. If you need help hire a nutritionist. They will guide you and educate you as well as keeping you honest and on the track.
  9. You cannot out train a bad diet, believe me I have tried and it doesn’t work. Just because you exercise it does not give you the right to eat more food.
  10. Alcohol calories matter if you are going to have a drink on the weekend you need to factor that in the overall weekly calorie intake. Also when you do drink alcohol your chances of eating rubbish food do increase.
  11. Give yourself a cheat meal not a cheat day. The pizza on Saturday night or a burger is easy to recover from but spending all day Saturday eating junk food takes two or three days to overcome. This will lead to frustration.
  12. Save your money because you are going to need to buy new clothes I had a fat wardrobe and thin wardrobe.
  13. Take the compliments from others and keep moving forward. Compliments give you the fuel to keep going and it’s always nice when somebody recognises how much you have lost.
  14. Consider a diet break after you’ve lost some weight. Just take a week or two and eat at your maintenance calories.
  15. Stay on the path if you start on Monday and finish on Thursday you will not hit your goal. If you start today and finish in six months the chances are you will reach your goal and you will be a healthier person.

Weight Loss Summary

I am not a registered dietitian or nutritionist specialist. I have read countless books on the subject watched many hours of YouTube videos but that is the sum total of my knowledge. Everything I have spoken about so far has just been my experience on my weight loss .

Good luck in your weight loss journey if I can be of any help please contact me or leave a comment below and I will be able to share my experiences further with you  

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